Consulting Hours (Rhodes 594, blue) and TA Hours (Rhodes 596, brown)

Consulting hours vary according to anticipated demand and are not always the same week-to-week. Please check this calendar before heading there. Also, please check pinned Piazza note @7 for cancelations.

If you have a complaint about consultants or consulting hours please email Raghav Batra,, with a description of the problem, the name of the consultant (if applicable), and the date and time of the consulting hours where the problem occurred.

The google calendar below includes both consultant hours (blue) and TA hours (brown). You can toggle the visibility of consultant/TA hours through the options in the top right of the calendar.

Instructor and TA Office Hours


For the moment, look at office hours for TAs as given in the calendar above.

Who Who
Michael Clarkson

Wed 10:30am–noon
461 Gates
David Gries David Gries

Thur 1:00-3:00pm
460 Gates
Raghav Batra

Oren Michaely
Arshi Bhatnagar

Monica Ong
Avani Bhargava
Yuhuan Qiu

Morena Rong
Pranav Dharba
Aditya Shah

Arnav Ghosh
Grant Storey
Ziwei Gu
Darren Tsai
Chris Gyurgyik
Matt Wallingford
Michelle Ip
Eric Wang
Hyun Kyo Jung
Yicheng Wang
Edward Li Adam Wojciechowski
Kwanghyun Lim
Michael Xing

Yitian Lucy Lin
Himank Yadav

Lucy Jingyi Lu
Joshua Ying

Victoria Mao
Zhelun Zhang