Languages and Compilers Seminar

Spring 2006
Tue 3-4pm   Upson 5130

Radu Rugina,  Keshav Pingali,  Andrew Myers

The Languages and Compilers Seminar meets weekly to discuss recent papers in the area of programming languages, program analysis, and compilers. The goal is to encourage interactions and discussions between students, researchers, and faculty with interests in this area. This semester we will discuss papers from the recent OOPSLA, POPL, and other programming languages conferences. The seminar is open to everybody interested in languages and compilers. First-year and second-year students are especially encouraged to participate. Participating students should register for the 1-credit course CS719.

Date Paper Presenter
Jan 31 Interruptible Iterators, by Liu, Kimball, Myers, POPL'06 Liu
Feb 7 Context- and Path-sensitive Memory Leak Detection, by Xie, Aiken, FSE'05 Orlovich
Feb 14 Harmless Advice, by Dantas, Walker, POPL'06 Chong
Feb 21 A Virtual Class Calculus, by Ernst, Cook, POPL'06 Nystrom
Feb 28 CUTE: a concolic unit testing engine for C, by Sen, Marinov, Agha, FSE '05 Fernandes
Mar 7 A Verifiable SSA Program Representation for Aggressive Compiler Optimization, by Menon, Glew, Murphy , POPL'06 Kulkarni
Mar 14 Micro patterns in Java code, by Gil, Maman, OOPSLA'05 Vikram
Mar 28 Javari: adding reference immutability to Java, by Tschantz, Ernst, OOPSLA'05 Cherem
Apr 4 PR-Miner: automatically extracting implicit programming rules and detecting violations in large software code, by Li, Zhou, FSE'05 Peng
Apr 11 Finding application errors and security flaws using PQL: a program query language, by Martin, Livshits, Lam, OOPSLA'05 Qi
Apr 18 A Logic for Information Flow in Object-Oriented Programs, by Amtoft, Bandhakavi, Banerjee, POPL'06 Clarkson
Apr 25 Automatic Discovery of API-Level Exploits, by Ganapathy, Seshia, Jha, Reps, and Bryant, ICSE'05 Cherem
May 2 The Atomos Transactional Programming Language, by Carlstrom, McDonald, Chafi, Chung, Minh, Kozyrakis, Olukotun, PLDI'06 Kulkarni

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