Languages and Compilers Seminar

CS 719  Fall 2004
Tue 3-4pm   Upson 5130

Radu Rugina / Keshav Pingali / Andrew Myers

The Languages and Compilers Seminar meets weekly to discuss recent and interesting papers in the area of programming languages and compilers. The goal is to encourage interactions and discussions between students and faculty with interests in this area. This fall we will discuss papers from the recent PLDI, the upcoming OOPSLA, and other programming languages conferences. The seminar is open to all students interested in languages and compilers; and first-year students are especially encouraged to participate. Participating students should register for the 1-credit course CS719.

Date Paper Presenter
Aug 31 Scalable Extensibility via Nested Inheritance, N. Nystrom, S. Chong, A. Myers, OOPSLA '04 Nystrom
Sep 7 KISS: Keep It Simple and Sequential, S. Qadeer and D. Wu, PLDI '04 Shaparenko
Sep 14 Region Analysis and Transformation for Java Programs, S. Cherem and R. Rugina, ISMM '04 Cherem
Sep 21 Information Flow Analysis in Logical Form, T. Amtoft, A. Banerjee, SAS'04
Secure Information Flow by Self-Composition, G. Barthe, P. d'Argenio, T. Rezk, CSFW'04
Sep 28 Cloning-Based Context-Sensitive Pointer Alias Analyses Using Binary Decision Diagrams , J. Whaley and M. Lam, PLDI '04
Jedd: A BDD-based relational extension of Java, O. Lhotak and L. Hendren, PLDI '04
Oct 5 Application-level Checkpointing for Shared Memory Programs, G. Bronevetsky, D. Marques, K. Pingali, P. Szwed, M. Schulz, ASPLOS '04 Bronevetsky
Oct 19 Security Policies for Downgrading, S.Chong, A. Myers, CCS '04 Chong
Nov 2 Finding and Preventing Run-Time Error Handling Mistakes, W. Weimer, G.Necula, OOPLSA '04 Kot
Nov 9 Converting Java Classes to Use Generics, D. von Dincklage, A. Diwan, OOPSLA '04
Converting Java Programs to Use Generic Libraries, A. Donovan, A. Kiezun, M. Ernst, OOPSLA '04
Nov 16 Region-Based Shape Analysis with Tracked Locations, B. Hackett, R. Rugina, POPL'05 Rugina
Nov 30 Array Regrouping and Structure Splitting Using Whole-Program Reference Affinity, Y. Zhong, M. Orlovich, X. Shen, and C. Ding, PLDI '04 Orlovich

Past seminars: Fall 03, Spring 04