CS 611
Advanced Programming Languages

Schedule and Scribed Notes

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 Note: the grey entries in the table represent a tentative schedule and are subjected to change. 

Lecture Date Topic Notes Scribes


Aug 29  Course overview lec01.pdf  
Basics of  Programming Language Semantics
02 Sep 1  The IMP Language lec02.ps  Munson, Arbree
03 Sep 3  Large Step Operational Sematics I lec03.ps  Munson, Williams
04 Sep 5  Large-Step Operational Semantics II lec04.ps  Dmitriev, Finley
05 Sep 8  Small Step Operational Semantics lec05.ps  Dmitriev, Martin
06 Sep 10  Proofs by Induction lec06.ps  Wang, Qi
07 Sep 12  Induction and Inductive Definitions lec07.ps  Finley,  Martin
08 Sep 15  Denotational Semantics lec08.ps  Shaparenko 
09 Sep 17  Denotational Semantics of While Loops  lec09.ps   Shaparenko
10 Sep 19  Complete Partial Orders lec10.ps  Wang, Qi
11 Sep 22  The Fixed Point Theorem lec11.ps  Hong, Tan
12 Sep 24  Domain Constructions I lec12.ps  Hong, Tan
13 Sep 26  Domain Constructions II lec13.ps  Martin
14 Sep 29  Axiomatic Semantics lec14.ps  McKeen, Moon
15 Oct 1  Soundness of Hoare Logic lec15.ps  Haridasan, Elhawary
16 Oct 3  Relative Completeness of Hoare Logic lec16.ps  Haridasan, Elhawary
17 Oct 6  Kleene Algebras
 Invited lecturer: Dexter Kozen
lec17.ps  Munson

Language Features and Semantics

18 Oct 8  Introduction to REC lec18.ps  Finley
19 Oct 10  Call-by-Name Semantics of REC lec19.ps  Dmitriev

  Fall Break  

20 Oct 15  The Untyped Lambda Calculus lec20.ps  Moczydlowski, Hasan
21 Oct 17  Expressiveness of Lambda Calculus lec21.ps  Moczydlowski
22 Oct 20  Fixed Point Combinators lec22.ps  Arbree, Moczydlowski
23 Oct 22  Substitution and Term Equivalence lec23.ps  Elhawary
24 Oct 24  Introduction to FUN lec24.ps  Arbree
  Oct 27

Prelim Review  

  Oct 28

  Preliminary Exam:  7:30-9:30PM , UP 211 

  Oct 29

  No Class (post-exam)  

 25 Oct 31  Error Handling lec25.ps  Tan
26 Nov 3  Static and Dynamic Scoping lec26.ps  Wang
27 Nov 5  Dynamic Allocation lec27.ps  Hong
28 Nov 7  Translational Semantics lec28.ps  Haridasan
29 Nov 10  CPS Semantics lec29.ps  Guron
30 Nov 12  Continuations Continued lec30.ps  McKeen, Moon
Static and Abstract Semantics
31 Nov 14  The Simply Typed Lambda Calculus lec31.ps  Hasan, Guron
32 Nov 17  Progress + Preservation => Soundness lec32.ps  Hasan


Nov 19  Product and Sum Types lec33.ps  Qi
34 Nov 21  Recursive Types lec34.ps  Williams, Guron
35 Nov 24  Subtyping and Coercions lec35.ps  McKeen
36 Nov 26  The Curry-Howard Isomorphism lec36.ps  Moon
  Nov 28

  Thanksgiving Break  

37 Dec 1  Abstract Interpretation  lec37.ps  Williams
38 Dec 3  Correctness of Abstract Interpretation    
39 Dec 5  Case Study: Shape Analysis    
  Dec 15 Final Exam:  12:00-2:30PM , PH 213