CS 611: Advanced Programming Languages

Schedule and Scribed Notes

Scribing:  Due to the lack of scribing volunteers for the remaining lectures, we have randomly scheduled the remaining entries using a simple perl script. Further changes in the schedule are possible if all of the persons involved in the change agree. After assigning each student two lectures to scribe, there are still a few empty entries left for the last lectures. If you want to sign up for scribing one of the last lectures, send an email at cs611@cs.cornell.edu, indicating your full name(s) and the date of the lecture you want to scribe. Use the provided LaTeX scribing template to typeset your scribed notes and then send your final document to cs611@cs.cornell.edu.

 Note: the grey entries in the table represent a tentative schedule and are subjected to change. 

Lecture Date Topic Notes Scribes
01 Aug 30  Course overview lec01.ps  
02 Sep 2  Introduction to IMP lec02.ps  Alexander, Goel
Basics of  Programming Language Semantics
03 Sep 4  Large-step operational semantics lec03.ps  Kim, Alexander
04 Sep 6  Large-step semantics (ctd.) lec04.ps  Kim, Goel
05 Sep 9  Small-step operational semantics lec05.ps  Irawan, Kulkarni
06 Sep 11  Inductive proofs lec06.ps  Cherem, Kurland
07 Sep 13  Inductive definitions lec07.ps  Irawan, Kulkarni
08 Sep 16  Denotational semantics of IMP lec08.ps  Milanovici, Barrera
09 Sep 18  Denotational semantics of While loops lec09.ps  Spalding, Fleming
10 Sep 20  Complete partial orders lec10.ps  Machanavajjhala,
11 Sep 23  Domain constructions lec11.ps  Spalding, Fleming
12 Sep 25  More domain constructions lec12.ps  Barrera, Diaz
13 Sep 27  Introduction to axiomatic semantics lec13.ps  Zhang,Lan
14 Sep 30  Soundness of Hoare Logic lec14.ps  Zhang, Lan
15 Oct 2  Relative Completeness of Hoare Logic lec15.ps  Svitkina, Hayrapetyan
16 Oct 4 Verification conditions 
Invited lecturer: Dexter Kozen
lec16.ps  Shieh, Srijuntongsiri
17 Oct 7 Dynamic logic, Kleene algebras with tests 
Invited lecturer: Dexter Kozen
lec17.ps  Roeder, Botev

Language Features and Semantics

18 Oct 9  The applicative language REC lec18.ps

 Dziobiak, Barth

19 Oct 11  Denotational semantics of REC lec19.ps  Roeder, Botev

  Fall Break  

20 Oct 16  Introduction to Lambda Calculus lec20.ps  Stoyanov, Svitkina
21 Oct 18  Expressiveness of Lambda Calculus lec21.ps  Stoyanov, Vishnumurthy
22 Oct 21  Recursion, substitution lec22.ps (draft)  Hackett, Machanavajjhala
23 Oct 23  Eta reduction and evaluation orders lec23.ps (draft)  Cherem, Kurland
24 Oct 25  The functional language F lec24.ps  Aboul-Hosn, Ramanarayanan
25 Oct 28  Error handling using denotational semantics lec25.ps  Aboul-Hosn, Ramanarayanan
  Oct 30

  Prelim Review  

  Oct 31

  Preliminary Exam: PH 203, 7:30-9:00PM  

  Nov 1

  No Class (post-exam)  

26 Nov 4  Static and dynamic scoping lec26.ps  Radlinski, Calandrino
27 Nov 6  References, state, imperative features  lec27.ps  Srijuntongsiri, Hackett
28 Nov 8  Translations and continuations lec28.ps  Barth, Dziobiak
29 Nov 11  Continuation Passing Style  lec29.ps  Viglietta, Allavena
30 Nov 13  CPS semantics: non-local control lec30.ps  Viglietta, Fidanboylu
Static and Abstract Semantics
31 Nov 15  Simply typed Lambda Calculus lec31.ps  Walsh, Shieh
32 Nov 18  Safety = progress + preservation lec32.ps  Hayrapetyan, Schultz
33 Nov 20  Product and sum types draft.ps  Schultz, Fidanboylu
34 Nov 22  Recursive types  lec34.ps  Diaz, Walsh
35 Nov 25  Subtyping and coercions draft.ps  Radlinski, Allavena
36 Nov 27  Polymorphism / Lattices draft.ps  Vishnumurthy,
  Nov 29

  Thanksgiving Break  

37 Dec 2  Abstract interpretation draft.ps  Svitkina, Lan, 
 Dziobiak, Aboul-Hosn
38 Dec 4  Widening operators draft.ps  Fidanboylu, Kulkarni, 
 Kurland, Irawan
39 Dec 6  Correctness of abstract interpretation draft.ps  Spalding, Fleming
  Dec 20 Final Exam: PH 203, 9:00-11:30AM