SP20:Prelim 2 guide

From CS2800 wiki

Prelim 2 will cover all material presented from Monday 3/2 through Monday 4/20. Material covered on prelim 1 will not be directly tested, although you will still need to know how to write proofs and work with the basic mathematical objects necessary for those topics. Material that you have had homework and discussion problems on will be tested more heavily.

The exam will be closed book, closed notes, and you will have 100 minutes to complete and upload the exam, starting from when you download it. More logistics will be posted on Piazza

Here are some sample problems selected from previous semesters. These questions are 10-15 minute questions; I would expect 4-7 of them on an exam (Solutions).

Review session videos are posted on Canvas. Here are the slides:

Here is a brief list of topics: