CS 2800 Spring 2020

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This is the course website for CS 2800, Spring 2020.

  • Class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:10-11:00am in Statler 185
  • Please read the syllabus
  • Please enroll in Piazza for all course announcements and discussion
  • Homework is posted on Piazza
  • Be sure to frequently refer to the list of Useful pages


You are responsible for learning the material in the "prep" page before the corresponding lecture. The prep page will also contain a link to the previous semester's notes. If you want to look ahead to lectures where I haven't yet posted the prep page, you can visit the CS 2800 Fall 2019 page.

Topic Date Lecture Topic
Sets and Proof techniques 1/22 Introduction (prep, slides)
1/24 Set and function definitions (prep, slides)
1/27 Set constructions (prep, slides)
1/29 Proof techniques (prep, slides)
Functions and Relations 1/31 Functions and quantifiers (prep, slides)
2/3 'Jectivity (prep, slides)
2/5 Inverse functions (prep, slides)
2/7 Cartdinality (prep)
2/10 Diagonalization (prep)
2/12 Proof techniques review (prep)
2/14 Relations (prep)
2/17 Equivalence classes (prep)
Number theory 2/19 Induction (prep)
2/21 Strong induction and Euclidean division (prep)
2/24 No class; February break
Number theory 2/26 Base b representation (prep)
2/28 GCD algorithm (prep)
3/2 Modular numbers (prep)
3/4 Modular division and exponentiation (prep)
3/5 Prelim 1
Number theory 3/6 Euler’s theorem (prep)
3/9 Public key cryptography (prep)
3/11 RSA (prep)
Category:Automata 3/13 Inductively defined sets (prep)
3/16 Structural induction (prep)
3/18 Deterministic Finite Automata (prep)
3/20 Automata constructions (prep)
3/23 Unrecognizable languages (prep)
3/25 Non-determinism (prep)
3/27 Regular expressions (prep)
3/30 No class; Spring break
4/1 No class; Spring break
4/3 No class; Spring break
Category:Automata 4/6 Kleene's theorem (prep)
Category:Combinatorics 4/8 Sum and product rule (prep)
4/9 Prelim 2
Category:Combinatorics 4/10 Permutations and combinations (prep)
4/13 Combinatorial proofs (prep)
Category:Probability 4/15 Probability spaces (prep)
4/17 Conditional probability (prep)
4/20 Random variables (prep)
4/22 Expectation (prep)
4/24 Independent RVs (prep)
4/27 Markov's/Chebychev's/Weak law (prep)
Category:Metalogic 4/29 Truth tables (prep)
5/1 Proof trees (prep)
5/4 Soundness and completeness (prep)
5/15 2:00 Final exam

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