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This is the course website for CS 2800, Fall 2018

  • Instructor: Michael George. Office hours W 11:10-12:00, F 11:10-1:15 Gates 447
  • Class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:10-11:00am in Statler 185
  • The Weekly review session is Tuesday 7-8 in Hollister 401.
  • The course text is Mathematics for Computer Science
  • Please read the syllabus
  • Please enroll in Piazza for all course announcements and discussion
  • Homework is posted on Piazza
  • Please enroll in Gradescope to submit assignments. You should use your NetID as your "student ID". The course code is MV5EDB


We are currently migrating the lecture notes to this system. I encourage you to consult last year's notes for any content that has yet to be migrated. The spring 2018 schedule will give you a preview of what's coming up in lecture.

Images from the review session boards can be found here.

Topic Date Lecture Topic
Sets and proof techniques 8/24 Introduction
8/27 Sets
8/29 Proof techniques
8/31 Proof techniques continued
9/03 No class — labor day
9/05 Negation and quantifiers (outline)
Functions and relations 9/07 Functions
9/10 'Jectivity and inverses
9/12 Cardinality
9/14 Countability
9/17 Relations
9/19 Equivalence classes
Number Theory 9/21 Induction
9/24 Strong induction and Euclidean division
9/25 7:30 in Statler aud: Prelim 1 (Study guide)
9/26 Base b representation
9/28 GCD algorithm (outline)
10/1 Modular numbers (outline)
10/3 Modular division and exponentiation (outline)
10/5 Public key cryptography (outline)
10/8 No class — fall break
Automata 10/10 Inductively defined sets and functions (outline)
10/12 Proofs by structural induction (outline)
10/15 Deterministic finite automata (outline)
10/17 Automata constructions (outline)
10/19 Unrecognizable languages (outline)
10/22 Nondeterministic finite automata (outline)
10/24 Regular expressions (outline)
10/25 7:30 Prelim 2 (Study guide)
10/26 Kleene's theorem (NFA to RE) (outline)
10/29 Kleene's theorem (RE to NFA) (outline)
Combinatorics 10/31 Sum and product rules (outline)
11/2 Class is in Uris G01 Permutations and combinations (outline)
11/5 Combinatorial proofs (outline)
Probability 11/7 Probability introduction (outline)
11/9 Conditional probability and independence (outline)
11/12 Random variables (outline)
11/14 Expectation (outline)
11/16 Variance (outline)
11/19 Markov's and Chebychev's inequalities, weak law of large numbers (outline)
11/21 No class — Thanksgiving
11/23 No class — Thanksgiving
11/26 Hashing (outline)
Metalogic 11/28 Propositional formulas and semantics (outline)
11/30 Formal proofs (outline)
12/3 Soundness and completeness (outline)
Exams 12/8 2:00 PM Final exam (Statler 185) (study guide)

Office hours schedule

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