SP20:Final study guide

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The final exam will be in a similar format to the second prelim. You will have 24 hours to complete the exam after you download it, and you may download it any time within a 36 hour window. You may reference any published course materials (e.g. homework, discussions, solutions, wiki, old notes), your own notes, as well as external textbooks (MCS, Pass and Tseng, etc). You may not receive help from anyone.

The final exam will be longer than the prelims; it will be designed to be completed in 150 minutes instead of 90. This means it will be comparable in length to the sample exams below.

The final exam is cumulative with a heavier emphasis on material covered since prelim 2. See the Prelim 1 study guide and the Prelim 2 guide for old material. The new material includes everything covered in lecture, on the homework, and in discussion. Material covered in optional lecture videos will not be covered.

Old finals (as usual, topics covered and level of detail vary somewhat from semester to semester):

New topics include: