FA19:Prelim 1 guide

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Prelim 1 will cover material all material covered in lecture and the homework up to and including material covered on Wednesday 9/25. Material that you've had homework and discussion problems on will be stressed more heavily. The exam will be closed book, closed notes, and will be 90 minutes long.

Here are some questions from past prelims. These questions are 10-15 minute questions; I would expect 4-7 of them on an exam. (Solutions)

Update: here are the board notes from review session 1. Video for most of the review session can be found here; unfortunately I had a malfunction part way through, so the video is incomplete. A student (Ryan Tremblay, thanks!) has provided a complete audio recording, which you can find here.

Update: review session 2 board image and video

Here is a brief summary of what we've covered; for an exhaustive list see the Main Page.