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These are the Office Hours and Appointment times in effect for May 10-17.

Name E-mail Phone Location and Hours
K-Y. Daisy Fan dfan@cs.cornell.edu 255-1181 5141 Upson
Open: MTRF 3-4 pm, W 1-2
Appt: contact Kelly Patwell to make an appointment
Teaching Assistants   (SI: Section Instructor)
Elhawary, Mohammed  hawary@cs.cornell.edu 255-2219 4162 Upson
M, 5/10  12-2
Kang, Steve  sk235@cs.cornell.edu 255-4330 328A Upson
Open: W 12-1pm
Appt: W 11:30-12pm
Li, Jason  jcl43@cs.cornell.edu 255-4330 328A Upson
Open: W 2-3pm
Appt: W 4:30-5pm
Moczdlowski, Wojciech  wojtek@cs.cornell.edu 255-7421 5162 Upson
Open: M 5/10 & 5/17 3:30-4:30pm
Appt: M 5/10 & 5/17 4:30-5:30pm
Zhang, Joy  jzhang@cs.cornell.edu   431 RH
T 4:30-5:30
Administrative Assistant to Instructor
Kelly Patwell patwell@cs.cornell.edu 255-7790 UP 5147
Open: MTWRF 9-11am, 1:30-3:30 pm


Appoinments with TAs: Make a private appointment for a 1/2 hour session for yourself or a small group. Make an appointment 24 hours in advance through the CS Undergraduate Office

If you cannot keep an appointment, you must notify the CS UGrad Office in advance. If you miss appointments twice without notifying the CS UGrad Office, you will not be granted further appointments.

You can use any TA's office hours and appointment times, not just those offered by your section instructor.