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Carpenter Lab

Carpenter Lab, or just Carpenter, refers to the computer room in the basement of Carpenter Hall  (B101 Carpenter Hall). Carpenter is the primary lab for CS100:

Consulting Schedule:

     Su-R:    2:30-10:50pm

Note: The lab itself is open for more hours than shown in the consulting schedule above, but CS100 consultants are on duty only at the above listed times. Do not ask consultants to stay later! Carpenter Lab hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-11:50pm, Friday 8am-5:50pm, Saturday 10:00-5:50pm, Sunday noon-11:50pm.

CIT Labs

CIT Labs with MATLAB and DrJava: CIT and other operators are NOT CS100 consultants. Do not expect them to answer CS100 questions. General Information on CIT labs:


The Green Room in Academic Computing Center in the Engineering Library  (ACCEL) supports CodeWarrior and MATLAB: