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5/19 W Be a CS100
Did you get help from the consultants this year and now want to help future students? Do you think you can make consulting more valuable? Consider becoming a CS100 consultant after you take CS211! (For exceptional candidates we might waive the CS211 requirement.) This is an opportunity to help others, augment your resume, and get paid! For more information on consulting, visit Laurie Buck in the CS UGrad Office, 303 Upson.
5/19 W Grades We anticipate that grades will be available on CMS by 5/24. Grades will not be emailed. Official grades will be available on Just the Facts based on University schedule. You may view your final exam paper next semester (fall). How, when, and where? Read the information on the Exams link (near the bottom).
5/17 M Exam
The CS100J exam will be in Barton Central, which is further sub-divided into south (fixed spectator seating) and north (closed bleachers) sides. We will use the south side, next to the fixed spectator seating. Please sit at the ends of the tables, not at the middle of a table. Please put your CU ID card on the table--we will check during the exam.
5/16 Su Functions
and methods
Here is the list of functions and methods that may be useful for the exam. This list will appear on the first page of the exam. You will not need all of them!
  • Java:
    Math class: random, floor
    System class: print, println
  • MATLAB: max, min, sum, sqrt, mod, rand, ceil, floor, zeros, ones, length, size
5/16 Su review
Solutions to review questions have been posted.