CS100M --> AEW

The Academic Excellence Workshop (AEW) offers an opportunity for students to gain additional experience with CS100 course concepts in a cooperative learning environment. Research has shown that cooperative and collaborative methods promote higher grades, greater persistence, and deeper comprehension. The material presented in the workshop is at or above the level of the regular course. We do not require joining the CS100 AEW program, but do encourage students to join if they are seeking an exciting and fun way to learn. The AEW carries one S/U credit based on participation and attendance. The time commitment is two hours per week in the lab--no homework will be given. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to seek extra help on course topics in a small-group setting.

Your fellow undergraduate students, who are familiar with the CS100 material, teach the sessions with material that they prepare. Prof. Fan provides guidance and support but does not actually teach the AEW course content or any session.

Each workshop can accommodate up to 16 students.  All CS100 sessions will be held in the Green Room in ACCEL while the CS211 AEW will be held in the Blue Room. (ACCEL is the computer lab in the Engineering Library, 2nd floor.)

Workshops will begin during the second week of the semester, 2/2. There is one S/U credit for the CS AEW, based strictly on attendance. You will be allowed three non-excused absences.

The following sessions are offered:
CS100M M  2:30-4:25pm
W  7:30-9:25pm
(Course ID 705-870, Course No. ENGRG 100, Sec 03)
(Course ID 705-926, Course No. ENGRG 100, Sec 05)
CS100J F   2:30-4:25pm
M  7:30-9:25pm
(Course ID 033-559, Course No. ENGRG 100, Sec 01)
(Course ID 705-799, Course No. ENGRG 100, Sec 02)
CS211  R   2:30-4:25pm (Course ID 711-950, Course No. ENGRG 210, Sec 01)