CS100J Spring 2004
Project 6 Part B
Due Thursday 5/6 at 3pm

0. Objective

Completing all tasks in this MATLAB assignment will help you learn about: First skim, and then carefully read the entire assignment before starting any tasks!

1. Eeeeeeeee!

Functions often can be approximated by infinite series. As more terms are added in the sequence, the approximation becomes better (usually). The exponential function ex can be approximated by the series

The notation n! represents the factorial of number n, n!=1*2*3...*n, 0!=1. The MATLAB function factorial performs this computation.

We will use the MATLAB function exp to calculate the "true" value of ex for a given value of x. The difference between the true and approximated values is the approximation error. The tolerance is the amount of error that we are willing to accept. Usually, we are willing to accept this error due to practical limitations on computing time or memory. The smaller the tolerance we choose, the more accurate the approximation becomes.

Part (a): Write a program (eee.m) that uses the series shown above to approximate e0.5. The program should start by approximating e0.5 with just the first term of the series and add the additional terms one by one until a tolerance of 0.001 is satisfied. Use a loop! The program should show one line of output for each additional term used. This line of output should display the number of terms used, the approximated value of e0.5, and the approximation error. Below is an example of what the first few lines of output may look like:

  No. of Terms    Approximation    Error
  1               1.000000         0.648721
  2               1.500000         0.148721

The above is an example of the output format, not the actual solution. Your output should have the same components but does not need to have exactly the same format.

Part (b):Now that you have a program to approximate ex, let's experiment with the tolerance! Use six values of tolerance: 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001, 0.00001, 0.000001. Do not submit M-files for Part (b). Instead, type a table (in plain text format) that shows how many terms of the series are needed for each tolerance value. Put this table at end of the program from Part (a) as a comment block.

2. Loop or vectorized code?

Write two programs to evaluate the equation
y(x) = x2 - 3x + 2
for all values of x between 0.1 and 3, in steps of 0.1. Save the values of y in a vector.

3. Submitting Your Work

Submit your files eee.m, loop.m, and vectorized.m on-line using CMS (Course Management System) before the project deadline. Make sure you are submitting the correct, up to date files. We will not accept any files after the deadline for any reason (except for documented medical reasons). See the CMS link on the web page for instructions on using CMS.